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How to Make Cider Beer - Part 2

By Mike D'Ambrose | Follow VideoVisions on Google+

We found a great video series on How to Make Cider Beer. Cider Beer (or Ale) is different than hard cider because it is brewed like ale and contains malt and hops. Hard cider is just fermented.

If you are looking to brew something different this season, you may be interested in this Graff Cider Recipe from Click here to see the printed recipe.

The following video from Martin Sheridan on Youtube is Part 2 of 3 where he takes you through the brewing process. This segment covers:

  • Mini-mash (Steeping Grains)
  • Hitting the proper temperatures
  • Sparging (rinsing the grains)
  • Bittering Hop Addition
  • Adding Dry Malt Extract
  • Boil

I have tried a couple of recipes and this one is by far the best. Great for the Winter months.

At VideoVisions, we found the best videos out there if you're looking to make your own cider beer.

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