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How to Start Home Brewing

By Mike D'Ambrose | Follow VideoVisions on Google+

This video show you how to start home brewing with a beer kit in a very clear and concise manner.  Jeremy Frey is the host and his very clear and efficient instruction will help you gain the knowledge to start brewing your first batch.

This 5 gallon batch should yield about 2 cases (48 bottles) of beer.

Cost of your first batch will be about $135 ($2.85 per bottle) because you are purchasing the equipment. Future batches will cost approximately $50 or about $1 per beer. You may be able to reduce your future ingredients costs by shopping.

I recommend that you keep notes and review before your next batch. You will find that your beers will get even better as you gain experience. Soon you will be making your own kits and may even want to try brewing from all-grain.

This video assumes you have the necessary equipment and an ingredients kit. If you don't have access to a local homebrew store, I recommend you purchase the following 2 items from Amazon.

  1. Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit (K6+) plus with 6 Gallon Glass Carboy with Auto Siphon
  2. True Brew India Pale Ale Home Brew Beer Ingredient Kit  (or a kit of your choice if you don't like IPA style)

Additionally, you will need :

  • 48 non-screw top beer bottles. Sometimes the recycle center will sell them back to you for the deposit amount
  • some bags of ice - which you can make in advance

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