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"It's Easier", an original song written and performed by Joe D'Ambrose

By Mike D'Ambrose | Follow VideoVisions on Google+

This video shows hobby singer/songwriter Joe D'Ambrose at an outdoor party at Dangermon's house in Fall 2013 playing an original song that he wrote in 2011 called "It's Easier". 

The song was originally written in Miami Beach, Florida in January of 2011. With inspirations from various influences throughout his life, the song's lyrics are about the internal struggle that one might have between going the path of least resistance or going the path of passion. With a theme of how one might go about their life, one can believe something and act accordingly to achieve it. One can map out his journey, or he can live life as it comes. The song was first recorded in Middletown, CT in February of 2011 along with another original tune, "Rewind" (written in December of 2010 in the South Farms area of in Middletown, Connecitcut). On these recorded sessions from 2011, Ryan Huckaby from Rhode Island joined on percussion while Nick Casillo from Austin, Texas played some sweet lead guitar licks.


Joe D'Ambrose plays guitar and sings as a hobby, while as a professional he is the founder and creative director at Palm Tree, one of Connecticut's leading web design agencies with 12 full time employees, and several associated subsidiaries and strategic partnerships.

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